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Cycling knowledge and experience

Anne works alongside AQR Coaching as consultant physiotherapist to ensure all coaching clients are not limiting their performance by imbalances or core weaknesses. She also works as their race team Physio and has supported other athletes at all levels. Her supported athletes have achieved numerous podiums in national and European events.

Anne is an accomplished cyclist in her own right, racing 24 hour mountain bike events in the U.K and internationally - she is no stranger to the podium. Racing gives her valuable insight into the mind and body of the competitive cyclist.

Anne's research into dynamic core and cycling specific physiotherapy has been publicly recognised, including contributing as part of an expert panel at the 2012 London Road Cycling show and to a cyclist specific training book

Recently she worked at the 2012 UCI track cycling world cup in London and has been selected to work as a Cycling Specific Physio at the London 2012 Olympic Games.