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Your first visit

A first visit can be daunting, particularly when you are not be feeling at your best. Everything will be done to make you feel at ease.

What to expect on your 1st visit

You will be given a detailed interview and examination. Once the assessment has taken place the initial diagnosis will be explained to you. You will then be advised on a recommended treatment plan which will take into account your personal goals, time constraints, budget and general health. Your treatment often starts at that first session. However, in some instances more investigation may be needed to ensure the treatment does not cause more harm (For instance, if there is a suspected fracture). If so, a referral for scans or X-rays will be made. Your treatment plan will combine hands on treatment, home exercise prescription and other strategies to teach you how to manage your condition.

What to bring

Please bring with you any relevant information including scans, reports or referral letters. If you have a lower limb problem please could you bring your running/cycling/oldest shoes worn most often to give information on how your feet spend their day.

GP and Insurance referrals

You only need a doctor's referral if you are claiming back from an insurance company. please could you contact your health insurance company before coming to your appointment as you will need an authorisation code and be advised on your individual cover.

What should I wear?

Please wear clothes that you are comfortable in. In order for your body to be properly examined you may need to expose the area you are having problems with. If you have a leg problem please bring shorts, if it is your neck or shoulder please wear a strappy top.